March 8, March on

I have experienced bias. In different ways, scenarios, geographies…..

📌 Gender related
📌 Race related
📌 Seniority related
📌 Experience related
📌 Appearance related
📌 Pay related

You don’t think it could be you. I never thought it could happen to me.

You probably know someone on the receiving end. She just didn’t speak up. Or tell you.

Your sister, mother, aunty, cousin, wife, partner, colleague, neighbour. You. Me.

You’d be surprised. I was.

✅ Break the bias.
✅ Break your bias.
✅ Stop the bias.
✅ Stop your bias.

Check your bias. Conscious and unconscious. Start today. Start now.

⭐️ Challenge your thinking
⭐️ Change your thoughts
⭐️ Change starts with you

“If you can’t change it, change your attitude” ~ Maya Angelou

You are who you say you are.

I am me. Woman. Many sides. Multiple angles. Different titles!

Today, March 8 is International Women’s Day! This year’s theme is #breakthebias, what say you?

I stand strong, proud, happy.

Happy International Women’s Day! March on.

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