Today. Tomorrow. (Yesterday). Forever!

Well, HELLO! Omigosh, it’s been a “minute” since I put the proverbial pen to digital paper. 12 months actually but who’s counting? Today as I was seeing all the International Women’s Day (aka IWD) social media posts, forwarded WhatsApp messages, gifs, videos, pictures, announcements…..etc etc etc, I remembered that I wrote a blog on this day in 2022. Oh, and in 2021 too?! Well……(as the brain cogs start spinning)………? The question was still forming when I almost snapped my neck at the rate at which I was startled by the way the voices took off in my head and started throwing words at me in response.

“What? Now? “Are you serious or playing with me right now….because I’m busy and…”.

“Alright, calm down, I’m listening….”


“Yes, I know, I-N-T-E-R-N-A, what about it”?

“Oh. OH! I see….you mean literally that. Really? Ok, let’s go”!

I have conversations with myself all the time. I’m a Gemini. Anyhoo. Cracking on. I let the words flow to me. I’m sure you’ll identify with one, all or many of them.

I = Inventive – because you can make a full meal out of empty cupboards to fill the empty stomachs of MANY.

N = Nurturing – to one, to many, to your own, to others, when asked, when not wanted, spontaneously…

T = Talented – because you are, YOU ARE. Shed that veil of imposter syndrome and put on your cape of confident capability!

E = Encouraging. All the time to someone. Am I right?!

R = Resilient. Phew! Because you always have to be when you’re juggling so much.

N = Noetic – because whatever you put your MIND to, you do achieve it!

A = Admirable. As above! And that’s why you’re applauded!

T = Teacher – giving of yourself, your time, your knowledge.

I = Intuitive – because sometimes you just know it. A hunch, a feeling, a something you can’t put your finger on or explain it…but you know it’ll work or won’t.

O = Observant. Your quick eye catches everything. Even when you’re quiet, even when you act like you don’t know…..yeah you do.

N = Negotiator. Think about it.

A = Adaptable. I have to pat myself on the back for this, I’m living on my 3rd continent! The highs, lows, laughs and learnings. Whew! Moulding and growing where you find yourself is such a skill.

L = Love. That’s all I need to say lovely!

London, England, 2022 – at the top of the O2 Arena (Millennium Dome)  

W = Worthy – you are. Of all the love and accolades and bonuses and promotions and……PEACE.

O = Organised! Sometimes it may not look it. But you woke up, brushed your teeth, fed a living thing or 2 or you and kept sh%# going. Give yourself a high five!

M = Magnificent, Majestic, Mentor, Motivator, Matriarch, Mothering, Mother, Mama, Mummy, Multi-Tasker, Manager, Momager, Muse, Magnetic, Mesmerizing, Mystical, Multi-Dimensional (Manipulator 😊), Makingitworkwhateverthesituation, MAGIC!

E = Energetic. Even on your lazy days, you “try”…….don’t we just!

N = Notable. You know it….when you nail that sashay, that shimmy, that look, that ‘fit you put together for hours or sometimes thrown on in minutes. This old thing? Yeah that, noted.

S = Smile. “Peace begins with a smile.” — Mother Teresa.

Lagos, Nigeria – friend’s wedding, circa 2007…? (Friend, sorry, can’t quite remember!)

D = Daring – because you will stand up/speak up for what you believe in, you’ll fearlessly protect those you love, and courageously defend those you don’t know.

A = Abundance. Yes you are sweetie. In you, around you, it is about you. Breathe it in and be!

Y = YOU! Be you. Do you. In the only way you can. Today. Tomorrow. (Yesterday is gone). Forever!

Texas, US, 2021 – My birthday

What word or words is you? Tell me!

It’s not just for a day. It’s every day. For 2023, the IWD campaign theme is #EmbraceEquity. What does that mean? (Click here). I just found out. We learn something new each day!

Body types, skin colour, rich, poor……..we are the same, we are different, we are unique. Uniquely different.

Happy International Women’s Day 2023! I’m done for today.

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I am a woman of many words and worlds. Thanks for stopping by.



Cover photo cred: Me, Colombia 2022


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  1. It’s amazing you found the words to so many letters and how fitting it is too! INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY! I miss hearing your thoughts (virtually), Titi!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Cool!!! Left and right brain’s definitely active and filled with so much positivity. This is super motivational!
        #multitasker, #motivator, #mentor, #magnificent, #MAGIC

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Titi, you nailed it and more! It’s amazing how we (women) can be all this and not take Kudos for it! Thanks for the reminder!
    You are an amazing woman!
    Happy IWD!

    Liked by 1 person

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