Happy Twosday! Happy 2sday 😊

Happy “Twosday”!! How many people noticed today’s date of 22.02.2022? Or if you’re like me, have been waiting for it?! 💜

This is the UK format for those who might be wondering….

So. The date is very unique for a number of reasons (pun intended 🤓).

⭐️ 22.02.2022 is a palindrome, meaning it reads the same forwards as it does backward!

⭐️ 22.02.2022 is also an ambigram, meaning that if you arrange the digits of the date in vertical order, it will read the same upside down as well!! (Do it yourself)

🌟 Plus, this date won’t happen again for 400 years or 200!! (depending on the publication you find).

Source: inter webs (ask them, not me).

⭐️ There’s also a lot of spiritual connotations around this number and others like it.

I posted this on the socials at exactly 2.22pm today. I should’ve taken a screenshot!!! Oh well.

I love when numbers tell a story, I love alliteration too! I’m not just saying that. I published a piece on my blog last year on 21.02.21 (or 2.21.21) or….you get my drift. I was also going for 2.21pm, almost got it, doh! You can read that by clicking here. It’s called “A road well travelled”. It’s poetry, you’re welcome.

Anyhoo. Later on in the afternoon, I went for my daily walk and was motivated by a voice in my head to go for a run. I haven’t had the energy or desire to run in aaaaages! One of the effects of the panini we are in. I don’t beat myself up about, I go with the flow, and find something else that calls me. It must’ve been that 22.02.2022 energy or forcefield. While out running, I got the inspiration to write this blog. RESULT! You know how much I love writing on my blog….but the words flow in their own time. I can’t force it and I don’t just write for writing’s sake.

I couldn’t get this published at 2.22pm (because, words, work, yada yada) so I settled for the next best, 11:11pm! RESULT again. It’s been a good day. Thank you 2sday!

How was your day?

As you were.


Somebody born on 06.06 😎

“Happy Tuesday! Choose to smile. Choose to love. Choose to be happy.” – source unknown

#palindromeday #twosday #ambigramday #smileeveryday

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  1. Another fun read, Titi! I love how you find joy in these special numbers. I too got excited because it was my nieces birthday. 😉 I’m a little superstitious and think especially good thoughts when I see 1:11 or 11:11.


    1. Trisha!!!! Thank you so much. Your comments are the highlights of my blog, I love reading them!! What a precious day for your precious niece. Omg, I see those 2 numbers all the time too, including now (1.11am)! I let out a big smile each time 🥰


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