One year in a day – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!! “A year in a day” – that was the title of the first blog I wrote, 3 years ago on January 1, 2018. The day I started this ‘ere blog.

I wrote stories growing up, scribbling in notebooks wherever I could find them.  Essay writing was not hard for me at all! I started a micro blog when I left the UK and came to the US in 2012. It was for the company I worked for, writing about my life in America, both in and outside the office, for the UK peeps. There I was, a management consultant on a 12-month role as an “Ambassador” in the Global Marketing organization, it was exciting! #livinglavidaloca

Having an “official” channel for writing stories was a dream of mine and in my head for such a long time. That day I couldn’t shake the feeling – do it now. I wanted to…. but which platform to use? How long will it take to set up? Who’s going to read it? On New Year’s Day? Am I really ready?! Titi, DO. IT. NOW! Each time I tried to talk myself out of it, I answered my own question. So I did. I started a blog! #beintentional

It was the right time and it was letting me know. I stopped myself over thinking or over planning (or trying to make it too pretty!). I decided on using WordPress, figured out the basics of using it and wrote what was in my heart and popping into my head at that time. #bloggingtips

By the end of 2018, I had written 28 stories aka blog posts surpassing my goal of 2 a month. Wowzers! My blog was also featured in the “Top 40 Women’s Lifestyle Blogs and Websites for the year”! #proudmoment

Is this a new year reminder for you to do those things you’ve always wanted to do, been putting off, waiting for the right time, right word, right “strategy”?! Not really. Well, maybe a bit. With the last couple of years we’ve had, whatever it is you’ve been thinking of doing…. honestly, just get out of your head and your way and do it already #makeithappen

Actually! This is more a reminder for ME. I went from blogging 2x a month, to once a month, then last year…I wrote ONLY 4 blog posts. FOUR. FOUR? I never would’ve imagined that. I have drafts in my head and on paper….sigh. I need to make the time. The kind of joy it gives me?!! Sort yourself out Titi. #storyteller  

“If it’s important you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.” ― Ryan Blair

Click here to read the blog “One year in a day” that started it all!

Everything above, I wrote on LinkedIn today. A few hours later a thought popped into my head….”why not write it on your blog”? So I’m taking my own advice, breaking my blogging lag at the same time and putting this message out for anyone who needs to hear it today. Issa win-win-win! #dowhatyoulove

This is my blog in whom I’m well pleased – “T is for Titi” – A girl with a smile, with stories from her life on 3 continents, to make you smile! ( I still haven’t prettied it up to what I envision it to be, with sections for stories from my travels and whatnot, poetry, fitness etc. But it is here and here to stay. Click that follow button (at the bottom of the page) to get my stories hot off the press!


I wish you all a happy, healthy, successful and very smiley 2022!



Ps. Cover photo, from my 2021 birthday when I gained another year in one day!


    1. Thank you so much! Happy New Year to you and your boys. I must do better with writing and replying. It’s commitment, isn’t it. I put so much heart in it and love to spend time in it. Alas, time! Now that I’m hear, I’m heading to yours as I made a mental comment on your last one!


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