A road well travelled…..

I lost my faith
I lost my say
I found myself
along the way.

Along the way
I walked, I skipped
I fell and bruised
my heart, my feet.

My heart, my feet,
my house, my chi
I grow, I feel
alive beneath.

Alive beneath
these clothes of steel
I force my eyes
to breathe surreal.

To breathe surreal
A world insane
Strength in my name
I feel no pain.

I feel no pain
I’ve all to gain
my world I dream
a light within.

A light within
a sign of peace
I’m reaching for
mankind supreme.

I lost my faith
along the way
my heart, my feet, 
alive beneath.

To breathe surreal, 
I feel no pain
a light within
mankind supreme.

Written by Titi Osu on 17 March 2005. Copyright ©2021 by Titi Osu.

All rights reserved. No part of this poem may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the copyright owner. 
Photos taken at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Miami Florida – November 2019

I was trying SO HARD to get the “2:21” time stamp! Face palm. Today is February 21, 2021 or 21.2.21 if you use the English date format. I hit the publish button and saw that it was “2.22”. I can live with that. I do love me some numerology! I’ll get my back to my day now, enjoy yours…….until next time!



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    1. Oh yes!! From before and around Home Office days. I have a whole book, I’m only now starting to realise it…slowly. Just followed your blog now. I wondered why I was getting yours. Thank you ❤️


  1. I like this poem the best thus far Titi. But then again, I haven’t read all your master pieces. I’m glad you survived the brutal cold front we encountered almost a week ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Trisha!!! I’m publishing them one at a time, “as it moves me”. I’ll be redesigning my blog so it’s easier to pick the categories. It’s crazy how Texas is back to sunny now, like the snow storm never happened!


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