One thing I’m thankful for…..

I lost some of my writing mojo this year, in just keeping my wits about me. We are in a PANDEMIC people! Sometimes (a lot of times) I had to just switch off from the news, and everything. Sometimes it was teeeew much. My goal for my blog is to write AT LEAST one story/blog a month. I don’t plan it in advance. I write as the words or ideas come to me. I know when they do because it just “flows. You’ll literally see the light bulbs in my pupils (or a crazed look!) and I can lose myself in la la writing land. (ps, it’s 2.30am right now). I. Love. Writing!!! I didn’t blog for May, August, September AND November. 2020 y’all. Face palm. On the flip side, I learnt how to not feel guilty for not doing all the “I should do” things that I didn’t do.

I originally wrote what I’m about to write as a newsletter (‘Tis the season to the thankful) to my smilefit email list on Thanksgiving Day (November 26 in the US). The next day I wished I blogged it. That would’ve taken care of November, sigh. I’ve been kicking myself since. Thanksgiving has now passed though. So what? So. What? Who is making all these rules Titi? Post what you want, how you want, when you want (yes, you too). When the words come to me, they don’t let me be till I get them OUT of my head. So, I’m doing it. I’ve been known to post Instagram photos six days later and not “immediately”, sue me. Free yourself.

“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make” ~ Les Brown

What is the one thing I’m thankful for? Here is an updated version of that newsletter.

Thanksgiving Day. I figured now is a good time to stop, inhale and remember all the things to be THANKFUL for, including being alive. Sadly, a lot of people are not here with us. This year hit HARD. If you lost a family member or friend because of COVID-19 or any other cause this year, do accept my heartfelt condolences.

My last email newsletter was in April. APRIL!! I should’ve checked up on you, found out how you were doing, coping, staying fit, keeping healthy while being “stuck” at home. I could’ve done a video showing….
Shoulda woulda coulda! I just took time out. I’m always juggling so many things. I just put less pressure on myself. I mean, 2020! What? I hope you gave yourself the same grace. If you got out of bed and put matching socks on, be proud of yourself!

One thing I started doing this year that has helped immensely, (apart from eating plantain chips weekly), is morning walks. Simple right? 30mins before work “work” starts. Whatever happens that day, I get a bit of exercise in. My pace varies depending on which side of the bed I wake but one thing is certain – I am energized and more alert after it! Then the day can start.

Anyhoo, on this day I went for my usual morning walk and in the spirit of the day I was reciting all the things I’m thankful for….that I can walk unaided, my house, that I can afford a house, my job, having two parents who lived and died together at old age. One can’t take these things for granted these days. Then I look up and it’s a beautiful blue November sky, streaks of white clouds, sun is shining. I look down and see russet coloured leaves on golden tinged grass. I look around and see trees in all the shades of autumn/fall, standing strong, looking majestic. And ducks, just being….ducks! Immediately I’m thankful for my surroundings.

Then it hit me. The one thing I should be thankful for, is MY GLASSES! That is WHY I can see all these things!! I wake up, I put them, it’s the FIRST thing I do every day. It wouldn’t be a day without them. Even writing this could not happen. Ok, so I have been bitching about how glasses in America are so much more expensive (even with insurance!!!) than in England….moan, rant, whine. Maybe this was just me catching myself, counting my thanks. I started wearing glasses when I was 10. There are children in countries who can’t afford glasses, heck they are people in America who can’t! I’ve always handled my glasses carefully – my Dad would disagree though, after all the many (glass) pairs I broke in my teens, sheesh. I am thankful for the technology of polycarbonate lenses!

I’m also thankful for “clearer skin”. Those no make-up days and months in the house…smiley face.

The smile, when you find a deserted hidden path – Morning walk, Katy Trail Dallas, December 20

Frankly at this point, we should all be thankful for everything! Those everyday things that are just “there” but make all the difference to the day. #itsthelittlethings

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything ~ Anonymous

I spotted this fountain in the distance – Morning walk, Katy Trail Dallas, December 20
I walked towards the fountain and was greeted by a RAINBOW! I felt so special

As soon as I decided to write/post this, I remembered my April blog “I am not afraid”, where I reeled off some daredevil Titi you could’ve died feats I wasn’t afraid to try which made me realise the ONE THING I am most afraid of! Can you guess what that is lol? You can read that here.

We are in the last days of 2020?!! FINALLY. Aren’t you thankful? We even have a vaccine now. It’s not over till it’s over though. What “pandemic coping strategies” did you develop? I’m going to have to wean myself off the plantain chips at some point, but for now, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Do you. Whatever you need to do to cope.

I already have the idea for my next blog. See!!! Sometimes you have to let go of the old so the new can come in. “20 things I’ve learnt in 2020” – stay tuned for that exposé. Happy almost New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year! I wish you a great start to 2021! Stay safe, stay well and enjoy your celebrations responsibly.

Before you go, get a copy of my book –12 FITNESS CHALLENGES FOR 12 MONTHS!: Go From Ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY In 30 Days or Less” –  start your year with tips and techniques to keep you motivated and fit. I’ve got curated exercises in there that you can do any day, any where for any fitness level. Start 2021 strong, finish stronger! Get a copy for family or friends. Or just support my efforts, ok? 🙂



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Thank YOU to those who follow my blog, read my stories, leave comments and/or tell me how much they enjoy my writing. I appreciate you, I love you!

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