One year in a day


12 months it has been
Family, friends, work, play
And everything in between
From losses to new beginnings
The high, the lows
Through laughter and banter, we banished the woes
Goodbye to the old, hello new you
Yesterday asked, tomorrow is true
One second, one day, one year is made
Bigger, brighter, better, beautiful
2018, it’s a date!

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!!!!!!


I love writing. I love playing with words in my heads. I remember watching “The Sixth Sense” (1999) and hearing the now infamous words “I see dead people”, and I thought. Yes! No. I mean, I don’t see dead people – I see “words”. I hear voices. Ok. Well, voices that tell me words that I then see, quite vividly. I could be walking, talking, cooking, eating or even doing all at the same time (you know, multi-tasking blah blah) and suddenly, like a billboard, a giant word would leap out in front of my eyes. I’d blink to get it out or make it stop. And it’ll just stay there, staring at me obstinately. It would fade away after some time then minutes, hours or even days later, that same WORD would  be right back in my mind’s eye. Sometimes 2 or 3 words. What? No wonder I was a raving insomniac in my 20s. Then my wise friend Chris, told me to start writing the words down. Even if it meant waking up. Not funny. Oh, well, hello poetry old friend! Why didn’t you say it was you? Yes. I’m in full control of my wits thank you very much.

As early as 8 or 9 years old, I’d write stories or make up stories (to-may-to/toh-mah-to). If someone can write a story about the sky falling on a chicken’s head, I think my imagination can cope. I loved creating recipe books in my teens! I’d take a dish and do it over or sometimes create an entirely new dish. Whether it was edible is beside the point. My cousin Uzo, bless her, told me the story of the day I made oatmeal cookies – with blue food colouring (and goodness knows what else). She came back from work, there I was all of 12 years old (probably only 3 feet “tall”), my round rimmed silver glasses falling off my button nose as I excitedly proffered a tray of what looked like mouldy blue grainy turd like scones asking her to “test taste”. She did. Most likely after a silent prayer and saying to herself “just because of your mother”. She didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I love her to bits. If your family is for you, who can be against you? Don’t answer that.

I went to an all-girls boarding school from 10-16. I was the one who knew the lyrics to all the happening songs and I was very happy to write then down if asked. Usually during class. What was I thinking? Or not. With writing comes reading. I attended Literature classes so I could read all the “free” books! Note, Literature wasn’t even one of my assigned subjects. I had maxed out my class schedule so I took this class “voluntarily”, in my free period. My class mates were quite surprised and probably thought I was quite mad when I didn’t show up to the exam. But enough about me.

Hello you! Happy New Year again and welcome to my blog!

On this New Year’s day, I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted to do. Write. Blog. Muse it out on “paper” instead of talking to myself. Yeah, I know. Ok, people, this is a work in progress, BUT words came tumbling into (out of?) my head today and if I know those words like I know them, I won’t win the argument. I had to get them out…..5, 4, 3, 2, 1, don’t think it just do it Titi.

I’ll share stories based on some of my experiences growing up around the world, stories inspired by people, places and/or random things that pop into my head and my some of my poetry (I NEVER used to share my poetry with just anyone, so you are very special, you’re welcome).

More stories later! While I figure out how this works….



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  1. This is lovely! I so relate to your love of writing and writing from an early age 🙂 It’s so nice to have a platform like this to share your stories and joy for words on. Congratulations on starting up your blog and I look forward to checking out more of your posts in the future.

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