Small goals are big goals too!

The last week of September people! What a week! I’m looking back on it and just going…wow. Well, as I write it’s more like “ow”. I was out of the house this morning at 5.40am and ran 20.5miles. Not just for the heck of it, marathon training in progress!  I’m pleased to report we are 4 weeks away….the Marine Corps Marathon is 28 October in Virginia!! My first marathon and first time in Virginia so I’m planning to see some of its historic and iconic sights, my hip flexors willing. From now its tapering time, ramping down the miles, resting the legs and preparing mind and body for the big day.

Another wow! My blog is on the list of the Top 40 Women’s Lifestyle Blogs to follow in 2018!! Happy, happy! Check it out here

Back to the week in reflection.

It all started on Tuesday (I can’t remember what Monday did), I was leaving the office in a bit of a funk, not sure why. I didn’t have any workouts lined up, I’ve cut back till after the marathon, I just wanted to get home. I was also hungry and didn’t know what I wanted to eat. Unusual as I am always prepared with my meals for the week. Maybe that was it, lol. Then a voice said “run 3 miles every day for 3 days”. For what? The other part of the brain said. But the thought was already planted, I said ok. I’ve learnt not to argue with my intuition. The same voice said “go and eat a burger”, I did. Yummy sweet potato fries too. It did the job!

Day 1, Tuesday’s 3 mile


Wednesday felt like a loooooong daaaaaay. But at the back of my mind, I knew I had 3 miles to do at some point. I packed my running gear with me to the office, then forgot socks. Doh! So I had to go back home. I did some dynamic stretching for a few minutes and I was out the door. The lights from the street, houses and cars seemed to spur me on. Or maybe I was just giddy thinking about the things I have lined up – launching the website for my #smilefit movement. October 1, stay tuned!

Day 2, Wednesday’s 3 mile


Thursday evening, I joined my run club, the Thursday Night Social Run.

For me, “going running” is a challenge. Group workouts are my sweet spot, they also start at a pre-defined time and are timed. As I do a lot of running on my own, timing is a bit more fluid and therefore requires more will power to commit. I also find three miles tougher to run. With more mileage, I can pace myself, go slowly so I can go the distance. With 3 miles, I find myself thinking “I can just knock this out quickly”. Nope. No. I try, and I burn my lungs out. These days, I just go with whatever feels good. Run at your own pace is my mantra. 

Joining a social run keeps me accountable to myself. It was a good run!

Day 3,  Thursday’s 3 mile


I’m looking back on the three 3 consecutive days of running 3 miles and I actually got faster! I wasn’t trying to either!! I just committed to the “small” goal I set of running 3 miles. What I ended up with was a BIG sense of achievement and a HUGE boost to my confidence.

It’s the little things.

The small goals that we may not think worthy because, well, they are “small” and we want to go for the big goals.

If you stack them up, small goals can end being big goals! This is how I smile fit.

Keep dreaming, keep smiling!

Hmmm, maybe I should start a run club for beginner runners, “smilefit and run”, it has a ring to it I think. I’m dreaming already!



  • Have you had any small wins you were soooo proud of? Leave a comment, let me know!
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  1. You’re absolutely right Titi! Small goals stacked equals big goals! I noticed as each day progressed, your time also improved. Way to stack em! 🙂


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