The 1 thing you can do to get 100% of your morning!

Soooooo!!! On October 1st I launched my website and (formally) announced “smileFIT” to the world! I’ll be very honest. I was nervous. Ok, VERY nervous. This was putting more me out there. How will it be received? I was also very excited. This was built around a passion of mine!

The site had been in the works for a few months, I tinkered away, editing this, changing that. Then I remembered wise words from a friend and coach – “done is better than perfect”. It had to be done. There’s something about the start of a new month that holds such promise, so I chose that particular day.

What is smilefit? Where do I start?!! Check out the site! Smiley face. “smilefit” was an idea I had, a thought that popped into my head, well over a year ago. It was June 2017, over a month since my mum’s funeral, and that week my training instructor was on holiday (some people can be so selfish). I needed to keep myself busy and avoid the proverbial devil’s workshop.

Left brain: Hey, why not run 5 miles every day for 5 days? (said enthusiastically!)

Right brain: So that what? (said rather annoyingly)

Left brain: Come on, it’ll be fun!

Right brain: Whatever, ok.

If you read my last piece  Small goals are big goals too!, you’ll see this is a pattern. Those two Gemini brain parts like daring each other without considering my feelings. I also wrote Can you do the challenge? I dare you! because of them. sigh.

Back to the story. I did it. For 5 days, I would get ready for my 5 miles, decide on a location and “dress up” to hype myself (look at you all cute and ready to crush it!! Do what you have to do for motivation). I took photos before and after the run. People, by day 5, I was EXHAUSTED! I had never done that kind of back to back running. But you know what? I looked back on the photos and all I saw was this “person” smiling at me, so happy anticipating the result and not thinking about the potentially painful process. “smilefit” was the word that popped into my head.

The birth of smilefit, June 2017
Day 1 of  5 miles for 5 days

It was not till March 2018, having just run the Rock n’ Roll Dallas half marathon that the word came to me again. This time it was “#smilefit”. Looking back over the last almost 20 years, I now know that smilefit is the lifestyle I have been living!

It’s a lifestyle at any age, for anyone with any body type! I wanted to share this. To help motivate people with their fitness and show that you can do a little to gain a lot (get those gainz!) with no magic involved. Just you, what you want to do, what fits your schedule and your commitment to it. 

I do the advanced and extreme exercise stuff now but many moons ago, I was that girl in the beginner aerobics class bopping and stepping to whatever top 40 pop hit was blaring from the speakers.

#smilefit is a fitness movement I am bringing to the world. I can explain smilefit in so many ways! (and apparently many spelling variations too…). Check out the site!

At my last “Fit Friday Facts” Facebook live (how fast can you say that?),  I elaborated a bit on steps 1-3 of my 5-Step “SMILE” Guide (for a smilefit lifestyle!), see below or website (Fit Tips and Health Hacks). I also shared the 1 thing that I do every morning, which I’ve been doing for over 10 years. A routine I call “my 100%”. Ten exercises (done lightly) that I do immediately I wake up, for a count of 10. 10×10 = 100%

I start by lying on my back with knees bent, feet on the floor and I do:

  1. Hands to knees
  2. Bicycles (hands behind ears and elbows to knees)
  3. Hands to knees (I like to repeat this)
  4. Crunches
  5. Sit-ups
  6. Reverse crunches
  7. Leg raises
  8. Flutter kicks
  9. Scissor kicks
  10. Mountain climbers

You can find any of these exercises on YouTube or watch my demo on Fit Friday Fact’s playback below! Forward to 10 minutes in or listen to all of it, all good stuff I assure you 🙂

The trick here is, I count 1-10 then 10-1! See how you can do more and get more with minimal effort? That’s 200%, you’re on a roll! If you’re unable to do any of the listed exercises you can research a few others or create yours (Step 3, innovate your workout) e.g. get a chair and sit/stand for modified squats, march in place, side to side walking…

It’s a great feeling of achievement knowing you’ve done “something”. It’s a great way to practice “technique”, sooner or later, you become a master at those moves! If someone says “do sit-ups” – sure, I just did 20 this morning! Bring it! I developed a stronger core over the years as a result.

Most importantly, this routine wakes me up, which was the why I invented it in the first place! Starting with my neck, hands, belly, core..all the way to my legs. The twisting motion (1-3) gently massages my insides. I believe the world is divided into morning and night people. Guess which camp I fall in to?

This one thing starts off my day, a 100% score in the first few minutes! It could only get better! Ok, the day won’t always go according to plan, this is earth not la la land, but it’s a great start for me. Train your mind and your body follows. It’s the little things you do that add up. Fact.

What motivational morning routines do you have? Does my 100% sound like something you’d try? How will you create your 100%?

Ok, this was a long one! I’ll have to contain my excitement to get to the point faster and save your eyes.



My 5-Step “SMILE” Guide for a smilefit lifestyle!

Start now
Move your Mindset
Innovate your fitness
Love yourself
Eat and Establish a fitness routine

What does this mean for you? Find out at

Oooohhhhhh!! I’m still excited that my blog is featured on Feedspot’s Top 40 Women Lifestyle Blogs to follow in 2018, check it out here.

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  1. Titi,this is awesome! Your passion for fitness challenges me. But the video has been deleted. Keep it up and may the Lord strengthen you to greater heights.


  2. Thanks for the tips, and you are right I do so much better when I start in the morning. At 5 miles a day, I always look my best. I am at 3 now, and I am going to push to get back to 5 thank you for this!


    1. Thanks so much for comment!! We are so besieged with images of everyone going hard as nails and sometimes it’s just the little things! Well done on your 3 miles, do let me know when you get to 5! Ooh, love your site by the way x


    1. Thank you!! You should really!! I can’t believe how something so small can have such a big impact. Now you know why I can knock out those sit-ups and leg raises without blinking, lol!


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