An Ode to Love….x

Let’s talk about love. It’s Valentine’s Day! You’re either squirming or blushing or “prepping” or sulking or whatevering, depending on your mood or “situation”. Hopefully not crying.

It can be tough being single on Valentine’s Day. I am single for today’s record. But back to the story. Everyone gets into a tizzy on this day. Everywhere you turn is something or someone telling you to buy something, give something, go somewhere, do something….the TV, the shops, bill boards…THE MEDIA! Just blame the media, it’s easier. What’s love got to do with it?

I didn’t have that insane scratchy problem. I was in a 2 week workshop that ended on Friday – early starts, late finishes. I could only see what was in front of me. Then the Winter Olympics started. I’m not sure what that has got to do with anything but hey ho. Well, maybe. Most IMPORTANTLY, I just realised I haven’t watched much TV in the past few weeks! No, I’m not advocating you throw your telly box out the window. Months ago I stopped my cable subscription and went antennae/Roku, for a change, save a bit etc. Then last week my TV remote stopped working! I just took to streaming the Winter Olympics and videos on my laptop and decided to wait until the remote was ready to apologise to me. Somehow, I completely missed all the ads in TV land and real life trying to sell me a life and love. Back to “the media”!!! Don’t believe the hype people, love is all around you.

w6Love Park, Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 2015

Yes it has been a most lovely day I must say! I had love on my mind. Just thinking about……things  I….love…..

Writing. By starting this blog, I’ve fallen in love all over again with writing! I went into my “archives” and stumbled on this poem I wrote sixteen years ago for a dear friend. My goodness, sixteen?!! There’s something really liberating about saying “I love you”! To friends, family, anyone! And of course your significant other. And just mean it. Just let it pour out of your heart. All roads lead to love.

Poem alert!

How many ways can I love………?

1. ………You.
2. Your sound, a symphony that heals my troubled soul.
3. Your vision, panoramic snapshots animating a life less ordinary.
4. Your art, true form that encapsulates the abstract.
5. Your mission, on whiteness, of blackness, for greatness.
6. Your teachings, of love to find the light.
7. Your wisdom, understanding the virtuous in the vice that breeds.
8. Your time, cherished moments with the different sides of the circle of me.
9. Your freedom, to be.
10. ………Me

I love you in so many ways.

© 14 February 2002 Titi Osu

My mum died on Valentine’s Day 2017. No it hasn’t ruined the day for me. I thought of her and paid homage. She had liver cancer, was well but took a turn and it was all over in 6 weeks. She’s in a better place now, still watching over me and my siblings. Aaah….a mother’s love. I just felt the love.

EC52F58C-29C0-44B6-B144-A2483EB29476Mrs Lovette Ifeoma Osu, 28 Aug 1939 – 14 Feb 2017

I’m loving Winter Olympics 2018! I’ve been watching ice skating since “I was young(er)”. Graceful, lines, the athleticism, the choreography. I still remember seeing my first triple axle, whaaaaattttt?! (Google it o ye unknowledged). The hair raising antics of snowboarders, the speed and precision of the skiers. Love it ALL!! It’s such a thrill watching champions compete, knowing EVERYTHING is at stake. I remembered visiting Vancouver in November 2016. I took a day trip to Whistler where the Winter Olympics 2010 was held, most of it. What I especially loved was seeing Totem poles and carved figures everywhere, acknowledging the Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations that have been the ancestral care takers of the land since forever. Fascinating! I loved it!


w2Whistler Town, British Columbia, Canada, November 2016

And of course, fitness. I love anything “fitness”. Ok I love wearing fitness clothing!! Dress the part etc etc. I joined a gym last week. I’m more of an outdoor workout person but my workout group had long disbanded and I have been quite discombobulated for a while. “ENOUGH” I thought. Do something already Titi. I headed to the nearest gym. Well actually I heard about a “60 day challenge” taking place in this particular gym….and you know how I love a “challenge”!! Click here to read previous blog “Can you do the challenge? I dare you!”). By the way, this month’s challenge is “wall sits”. Starting with 1 min 10 seconds and then adding 10 seconds each day. Today was 3.40 minutes. I also had a GREAT workout today. I tried a new class which ended up being just me and the trainer (ie “NEW” class) so it essentially was a dedicated personal training session for FREE. I. LOVE. IT. 

It has been a lovely day!

w7Plano Balloon Festival half marathon, Texas, September 2017. There’s always time for love even after 13.1miles!

I hope you had a happy love day too.



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