12 days of Christmas (Holiday) fitness! #fitnesschallenge

Keep your summer bod in winter and smilefit! Twelve (12) exercises for twelve (12) days starting 12.12, who’s in with me?!

I’ll get straight to the point. It’s December, obvs. In many climes, it is cold or very very cold outside. I’m currently in Texas where it’s so hot during the summer months that I’m still always surprised (even 7 years later), when temperatures drop. I like me some exercise but motivation also drops too! Am I right? Add all the festive events, and one missed routine can turn into many, with the promise of “starting in January”. Don’t lose ya stride people! I know I’m more disciplined than most so yesterday I came up with a “mini fitness challenge” to help me stay on track. If you struggle to stay motivated with your running or fitness in this season, this is could be for you too.

This routine will warm you up and FIRE you out the door. Will all my outdoor running folk please stand up?! But where are my manners? Hello.

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. Here is how it all started. On Monday, I went to bed with a plan to run Tuesday morning – wake up, water up, dress up, go. Get it done before the day of work. THAT was the plan. Ps, I drink at least 16 ounces of warm water with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice upon rising, sometimes with ginger, if I can “ginger” myself to grate and soak it the night before. Forgive the pun hehehe….

12 days - 1

On Tuesday morning as I was getting dressed, hyping and psyching up myself – how many layers do I need? Should I wear a hoodie? I know I’ll get hot after a bit but exactly how cold is it now? You GATS this Titi! You’ve worked out and run OUTSIDE on the icy snowy plains of London parks in the middle of winter. Get. A. Grip. I must’ve changed tops 3 times. I finally settled on this skiing base layer that I’ve had for 10 years. I find this better than the generic winter gear by most sports labels. “Dress for the weather” is a popular English saying!


As much as I wanted to run outside, and LOVE IT, especially in winter time – I’m indoors a lot, heating on in most places, four walls day in/day out – I NEED “fresh air” but I still had to amp up the motivation dial to “make myself” go. I was doing warming up exercises, including running up and down the stairs, thinking “I need to run outside more and I’ve not even started”, that’s when it came to me…

12 days of Christmas fitness! Whaaat Titi? Oops, I said I’ll get to the point. Here’s the challenge.

Because I’m extra (all the lolzz) and I like to make sure there’s something for everyone, I have created several versions of the challenge – you can choose the version that says “Christmas” or “Holiday”, download as pdf or picture, choose to do 120 or 1200 jump rope or as many 120 jump rope sets – you choose, it’s your challenge!


You can even take the challenge a step further and record your time daily, see if you get better or faster. REMEMBER though, FORM over speed. Make sure you’re physically able to do these exercises and all the caveats. Demos of the exercises are available online, Youtube etc so I won’t bore you but I will do a demo on 12.12 on my smilefitnow Facebook and Instagram page. Oh, did I just say that out loud? 

12 days - 2
Photo after my run on Tuesday Dec 11th. I love the feel of cool air on my face and I can feel my lungs expanding with joy when I run outside.

That’s it people! Think of me cheering you on when you feel like quitting! I hope this fitness challenge puts a smile on your face too. 12 days of Christmas (Holiday) fitness! 12 exercises for 12 days starting 12.12, tick tock….who’s in with me? 

  • Shop the red tank I’m wearing from the smilefit “Happy Tank Collection” available at www.smilefitnow.com or send me a message at titi@smilefitnow.com for your custom order (website shop is being finalised, bear with little ‘ol me)
  • Ladies and men’s T-shirt version also available!
  •  Shop the socks I’m wearing at www.procompression.com
  • If you want more December fitness inspiration to carry you into the New Year, check out my blog from last December Start well, end better, happy new you!

Do come back to this post after 12 days and tell me how you it was for you!!

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Go forth and fit. Smilefit is a lifestyle! Let’s get this challenge started right! Start now, #smilefit now (#smilefitnow – geddit?)



Cover photo by Misty Hill

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