12 months, 12 things, 1 day – When numbers tell a story

1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 19:19, 10:10, 10:01, 11:11, 12:12

I love when numbers align. I love alliteration – a technique in literature to create a repetition of similar/same consonant sounds in a sentence or words that all begin with the same letter (the internet is your dictionary, please, thank you).

I’ve been seeing “repeating numbers” lately. I’d look up at my laptop clock or watch or car dashboard or…basically anything that had a clock face and I’d see a string of same numbers. Sometimes, I’d be nervous about wanting to do something or I would’ve just done something and I’m not too sure…..and bam! Hello angel numbers in my face. It has been revealing, exciting to see and even spooky!! There’s a whole science behind this. I use them as a sign of encouragement and/or approval. It also reprimands me! My mind has wings and will fly into another dimension to do what it wants to do. Ok, sometimes I get distracted which “sometimes” leads to procrastination. I’m a Gemini, that’s my story and I’m sticking to. Believe what you will people, numerology is real.

I had planned to write THIS blog ON October 1st. It would have been exactly twelve (12) months since I launched my website www.smilefitnow.com AND (officially) announced my fitness lifestyle brand “smilefit” to the world. Alas.

I had so many plans and ideas for the day but in the weeks before, one thing or another would get in the way. Disappointments from people, delays, stuff beyond my control, stuff I could control but I’d lose the will because of previous disappointments. My back-up plans began to have back-up plans. Juggling balls and balancing my life, plus a full time job as a management consultant! Do. What. You. Can Do. So I didn’t. I do have to credit my high energy and “smilefit lifestyle”. It keeps me going! That’s also the Gemini in me, smiley face.

I DESPERATELY wanted to have an updated website by October 1st. So much has happened in 12 months! That didn’t happen. That cut. Deep. I was disappointed on so many levels.

“Let me remind you Titi, you DESIGNED that website from SCRATCH. Raise your head up and fix your crown”! We beat ourselves up, I’m sure I’m not the only one. Stop. Stop it now. I had been counting down the days but when October first came around, I had NOTHING in mind. But, I trusted that something would come to me, I’ve learnt to let go and trust the numbers. I got up, dressed up and went to work and as the day unfolded (and I was still asking “sooooo….what are we doing?”), a voice just said – do what you always do, what you do best, SMILE. So I did. Again and again. It was pure joy that day.

“smilefit is fitness of the mind – it is confidence, commitment, focus. It is about making you feel good, whatever you wear, wherever you are”

– Titi Osu, http://www.smilefitnow.com

What is smilefit?!! smilefit is a lifestyle! One that I live, one that anyone can live, one that I find to be very sustainable. The principle is simple – do what you love and get fit doing it. Because we only do what we looooove!!!!!!! Right? Biking, hiking, swimming, walking, running, join a gym, use on-demand videos at home, yoga, pilates, crossfit, lift weights, don’t lift weights,  dance, exercise once a week, 3x a week, in the morning, in the evening. Do what fits your lifestyle. Stop trying to do what that celebrity is doing and wonder why you don’t have his/her body. Do you! Find your thing. I have a created a “roadmap” to help find your smilefit self. “Start now, #smilefit now” (#smilefitnow) – that’s my catch phrase.

Twelve months ago, I was staring at a blank piece of paper (ok, screen) wondering where and how to start with this “smilefit business”. I’ve learnt how to do some things really well, some things I won’t bother doing again (lol), I’ve been scammed, cheered on, discouraged, encouraged! Today, I’m celebrating some of the amazing smilefit successes. Things I’ve done, even half-done! I tried, right?! We don’t do enough of that. START. Start now. The things, goals I’ve achieved, big and small, size being relative. Some things I didn’t even plan or have an agenda for but it unfolded, to my delight.

Rejoice with me people!! Keep reading for a few more minutes, stay with me. Then think about some of YOUR achievements and “happy places” this year.

12 things I’ve achieved in 12 months (since October 1st 2018), that I’m celebrating on Day 12 of this month. (See what I did there?)

  1. I created and launched a website
  2. I created a facebook page for smilefitnow
  3. I’ve run a marathon – my FIRST. The Marine Corps marathon in Virginia. I have friends who have run MANY marathons in faster times. I’m celebrating MY achievement.
  4. I created monthly fitness challenges taking my love of doing these, I curated certain exercises, for ANYONE at ANY fitness level to participate in. I shared demos for beginners and advanced levels. I got some amazing engagement and have met many amazing people! Eleven (11) fitness challenges done to date. You can find some of them on my smilefitnow YouTube channel.
  5.  I created a line of fitness, active and leisure clothing for men and women – the smilefit design collection!!!! It comes in sizes XS to 2XL and beyond (because, #bodypositivity). From a plan to make 1 (ONE!!) t-shirt and tank top, I now have FIVE collections with over 45 products!! Mind. BLOWN.
  6. I created a “Lookbook” for the clothing line! Yours truly was the model. I added photos of friends and people who purchased items. You won’t believe how much work went into this. Work? Labour of love! View the Lookbook by clicking here.
  7. I’m updating my website with a shop to purchase the collection of clothes! Do I wish I’d done this earlier, yes! Do I have a marketing plan? No. One doesn’t have to have all the answers in one day. .
  8. I have a shop on Etsy.com for the collection – it’s called “smilefitnow”, of course! https://www.etsy.com/shop/smilefitnow. I’m still building it. Again, I can only do what I can do. Build it and they will come a wise person said.
  9. I’ve been a vendor twice! I’ve met people who are just following their passions and believing in the road ahead. I’ve learnt there’s more to it than just turning up with goods.
  10. I’ve been a speaker at an event! 
  11. I became a writer for “SI (Search Inwards) magazine”, a Nigerian-based magazine dedicated to developmental journalism, with focus on community and social/human growth. I have a column and write about, health, fitness and life in between.
  12. THIS BLOG!! As much as I’d love to let the fairies in my brain wander off and play with butterflies, I’m now publishing in a monthly cadence. Writing is my happy place! Eleven blogs, I missed May, boo.

All this from one “small” goal – to launch a website in August 2018 (which became October). Actually, from one small idea, to “start something I love”. To start a blog, it’ll be 2 years in January 2020. To help people get fitter and share tips that have helped me stay fit all these years, and “smilefit” was born. That one idea and goal has brought forth many more, I don’t quantify them anymore. A goal issa goal issa goal!

Do you know “smilefit” is an acronym I created? I’ll say it again!

  •  S – Start now
  • M – Move your mindset
  • I – Innovate your workout
  • L – Love yourself
  • E – Eat and establish a fitness routine

FIT stands for “Fitness Inspiration Today” – That’s what I set out to achieve. That’s my “fit”. I’m extremely proud of these acronyms!! 

12 MONTHS of #smilefit, #smilefitnow and me just, doing me the best that I can. Thank YOU for your SUPPORT, well wishes, purchases, prayers, friendship and followership. May it be more and plentiful! 

“These small goals that we think are not worthy because, well, they are “small”. If you stack them, small goals become big goals. Just dream.”- Titi Osu

12 - eliud

Today, Eliud Kipchoge, Kenyan marathon world record holder, challenged himself to run a marathon (26.2miles/42km) in under 2hrs, aka “sub 2”. He did it in 1.59.40 hrs!!!  The FIRST PERSON in the WORLD to achieve a milestone once believed to be unattainable. His mantra – “no human is limited”. I watched the replay. I had goosebumps, chills and I cried. W.O.W.

There is always one person, there is always a first time. Believe in yourself, don’t limit yourself. Add the hashtag.

I do believe, ordinary people, can do extraordinary things – when we find our “thing” and give it our all.

Stop right now and think of 12 things you’re grateful for, happy to have done, achieved. Getting out of bed and facing the day is on my list too. Celebrate yourself. Start now, #smilefit now.



What did I say? I saw these as I was writing this blog, probably to tell me get on with it. Sigh. I stopped to get food, ignoring the alarm I set to finish this. I’m a work in progress.

Also. THANK YOU READING MY BLOG!!!!! I mean it!

If you’re new and you like what you read, subscribe so you get the next one. To those already subscribed, another thank YOU. Share this blog with someone you love. Sharing is caring! Spread love x




  1. Alliterations are powerful, as you’ve expressed here and I like how you tied the ending with the beginning too! Great read! Thanks for reminding me what SMILEFIT means. I enjoyed learning about the Kenyan runner!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Trisha!!! Thank you!! Alliterations are very powerful, some of the most memorable and historical speeches have used it for that purpose. Thanks for your comment, means a lot to me 😘😘


  2. This year Titi. I learnt a lot. The biggest lesson though was that the difference between $1,000 and $10,000 is effort and sheer will power. The difference between the body of my dreams and sloppy is same.
    Where your heart is your energy flows.
    So just like you I have had days when I do all the right things and procrastinate when I shouldn’t and I know I really shouldn’t but it’s just easy to do.

    The time thing: I do that too. But here’s another one I do lol.
    Green lights when I drive. Every time I go past a green light that either turns green before I get there or is green while I go, I feel a sense of gratitude and actually verbalize thanks if alone. So weird. And sometimes when I’m in a hurry it seems the gods of green lights just follow me from one stop sign to the other 😂😂. So when I finally hit a red one, I’m also more thankful. I stop and look at other drivers and smile.

    This year has been a year of growth for me.
    Inside out. Not my most vocal but my
    Most for growth from the inside out. This year I became her. The woman I have always wanted to be. Starting with small goals and focusing on one thing at a time.

    The Kenyan runner focuses on one thing the entire time and trains for it. He is emotionally tuned to it. Physically tuned to it.
    He’s in alignment with it.

    A lot of us fail because we are distracted. We focus on a lot of things. Trying to eat from
    All angles and end up not really big winning.
    So come 20/20 I’m going to do same thing. Focus on one thing at a time … and be a master in that field.

    You should tell me about the speaking event.
    You know in my corner mind lol, my calling is woman supporter lol. Chief encourager LoL.
    Maybe someday I too would be opportune to speak.
    Anyways Titi…
    I may not comment often but I sure read your post. Now lemme go and save this long comment first before posting in case jr decides to do me like the tree post 😂
    Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg!!!!!! You have won the Internet! You are truly GOLD 😍😍!!! Great observation about the Kenyan runner – focus on one thing – I will take this into 2020! That is a great gratitude practice, using green light/red light, great way to keep your vibration high through out the day, those lights will try us!! 😂😂 I do that with parking spaces 😁😁. I’m going to add yours!! It has been a good year, thanks for your encouragement. Your calling is REAL!!!! You will be an INCREDIBLE speaker!!! You have such a natural vibe. Thank you for always, ALWAYS giving great feedback….until the next time 😘😘


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