The tree in me (Poetry blog)

We are in the last hours of August, the ember months are nigh! One season ends, another begins. Blink and it’ll be Christmas. No kidding, I saw Christmas trees in the store YESTERDAY. Can you just wait till summer is “officially” over?

For my home peeps in England, I already heard your “what summer”? No need to shout at me. Nigerian folks, you’re in the tropics, you know sun. And there’s the Texan sun of my current home base, it seems to want to live merrily in the sky always.

Not this morning in Plano, Texas! The heavens must’ve been sad to see August go because it cried BUCKETS!! I was hoping to go for a walk, a hike, something, just be out “in the nature”…. a bit of an escape I think. “I wish I was a tree”. Don’t ask me why I thought that. Words come to me when they come to me. I only own the brain.

Left brain: “Oh, so you think trees don’t have a lot of things going on”?
Right brain: (hiss, eye roll)

Ok, I had just finished my morning workout, on an empty stomach, so I must’ve been addled. Then I remembered this poem I wrote….well, I wrote most of the first stanza in April 2018. I opened it up, and as soon as I did, more words began throwing themselves at me. Literally! I think it was a voice telling me to stop for a minute, enjoy the minute, and that everything and all the pieces of everything will be fine. Yes Titi, believe and you will achieve etc etc and all that yada. So I stopped, let the overwhelming feeling pass and let the voices do their thing…….

The tree in me

I am a Tree

Living, Breathing, Growing, Nourishing
Eating, Feeding, Receiving, Giving
Seeing, Reaching, Healing, Teaching
Needing, Aging, Renewing, Smiling, Shining

Playing in the wind
Praying for rain
Basking in the sun



I am Tree

Standing, Falling, Cut down, Rooted
Unbending, Unwavering, Shaking, Solid
Strong, Weak, Old, Bold
Protecting, Defending, Keeping, Standing

Outnumbered in the forest
Finding strength in numbers
Standing strong on my own



I am Tree

Supple, Huggable, Dependable, Vulnerable
Consoling, Intimidating, Spectacular, Stimulating
Majestic, Mystical, Revered, Feared
Masculine, Feminine, Wild, Kind

Playing in the daytime
Praying for night time
Basking in earth’s time

I took these photos while out walking, the same day some of these words came to me in April last year. I’m always amazed how it never makes complete sense at the time….and then, days, weeks or months later, it just all comes together. When I stop and listen!

Costa Rica, May 2014

I hope you enjoyed your down time reading this.

Good bye August! Hello September, I know what you have in store for me!

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Photo creds all mine




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