I am. Me. Woman. (Poetry)

An EmpathA RealistBeliever, A DreamerA RebelA LeaderFollower, True stepper.

An EarthlingAn AlienA Diva, WhateverConformerCounsellorA Warrior, A Winner.

Hot-bloodedStrong-heartedTrouble maker, No takerHomebodySomebodyWide open, Unspoken.

A FighterSupporterContender, Creator.A MoverA ShakerLa Bella, Contessa.

A LoverComforterA Goddess, A SistaA SpeakerA TeacherAn Artiste, Fantastic.

A PaintingA CanvasA Sculpture, UnmouldedOriginalAuthenticA Masterpiece, Priceless.

Nature’s OwnFuture BoldSun Child, UntimedIn ControlIn ChargeTo behold, Heart of Gold.

A MindA StatementRedefined, UndefinedDrivenDeliveringShe can, Always can.

I am. Me. Woman.

Written by Titi Osu in June 2005Updated March 8, 2019 for International Women's Day(c) All Rights Reserved


Happy International Women’s Day!!

For all the amazing women out there – loving, living, giving, receiving, being, becoming. Strong women every day!






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