What’s Behind Door Number 1? (Poetry)

What’s Behind Door Number 1?

Three 6ixes and IX
Rainbows and no leprechauns
Tattoos on my unicorn
Alsatians and fast cars
Blue curtains
Should I? Dare I?
Paper bags full of clouds
I dream
To buy me my castle in the sky.

3 VI Nine
I’m walking backwards ahead of time
Watching over galaxies
Angels whisper on my brow
Footprints left by shadows
Scrub cobblestones to reveal bridges
My constellation complete
I wake
I’m late for work again.

III and six 9s
I’m at the centre of my universe
Revolving around the sun
Don’t bow down!
Boundaries of colour disappear
I inhale
Anew, shoelaces of valour
I exhale
And I’m back where I started
Flying with eagles
I sleep
To find my pot of gold.

Titi Osu, February 2002

I wrote this, gosh, 16 years ago. Time flies whether you’re having fun or not people!

Pinch, punch it’s the first of the month! Hello! It’s also my birth month! Ah June. We meet again dear friend, welcome. I look forward to what you have in store for me. I trust there will be lots of doors opening!

In honour of both (June, 1st), I’m sharing one of my dearest and earliest “recorded” poems,  as well as some of my photos that express my mood in this moment, on this day. My poems have always been very personal, a part of me. I would readily share stories but not them. I remember when this piece came to me. It was early evening, I left the office on Tothill Street, in the London area of Westminster, and was walking to Westminster tube (metro) station via the scenic route around Westminster Abbey. Cobbled streets, gothic architecture, 11th century stone buildings all around me,  all so beautiful, the air was cool on my face and I was transported in my thoughts. Suddenly words were exploding in front of my eyes (how I walk the streets without getting knocked down is beyond me). I couldn’t wait to get home and write them down!

Tattoos on my unicorn. Hmmm?? I couldn’t tell you what I was thinking or what it means. I don’t question the words! It is symbolic though if you think of what those two are….white and colour, mythical and magical. Really, it can mean whatever YOU want it to. That’s the beauty of poetry, of art. We all see things through different eyes. Speak in our own languages. There are so many interpretations. Actually, I wouldn’t tell anyway, I usually don’t like to dissect my poems. I like it to remain mysterious and let it tell me a story each time I read it. Ok, ok, in a way, I do know what it means. Each line has a story of its own though. I’ll give you one, for free. “Blue curtains”. At some point, we all have to  step out of the shadow (or our shadow),  pull back some kind of curtain, expose what’s underneath, it can be ugly, it can be scary, but you know it’s for the better…..but do you want to? Can you handle the truth?!! Blue curtains also refer to “the night”.  What about the night? That’s up to you. See what I mean? Many interpretations. OMGoodness, did I just explain?!! I must be going soft in my old age.

What do you feel when you read it? What does it say to you? That’s what I’d like to know! Tell me 🙂

So here’s to June, and all the June babies….THREE CHEERS FOR ALL THE GEMINIS OUT THERE! And, err, to you whatever month you support or star sign you belong.

I am seeing wonders through life’s open windows.

(Angkor Wat Temples, August 2016)



         Basking in sunlight…..

Elizabeth Lawrence House and Garden. Charlotte, North Carolina, USA April 2017

….and stepping out into to a world of opportunities, I receive with arms out stretched.

Mountain top, Oaxaca, Mexico, April 2018

I love my June!! I hope this month opens doors for you too!



Cover photo:  On the Royal Gorge route railroad, Cañon City, Colorado, USA Sept 2012



  1. Opening that curtain, hmmm, opening that curtain can be scary but one needs to….or does one? There’s a reason why it’s called the ‘comfort’ zone. Here’s to courage to open.


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