ascension (poetry blog)


broken halo
a sea of stars
upon a face of despair
an angel cries out to me
i’m drowning
swimming against
a tidal wave
of my own crimes,
i traded my wings for coal.

thoughts awaken
from the graves
of forgotten dreams past
knocking on the door
of my empathy
because I am guilty
of loving.
roses from ashes rise
filling the earth abloom
fragrant drops of sunset
my sins turn into gold.

adagio rivers
jagged rocks of hope
seeing eyes
to guide me ashore
windmills of my heart
sing me a mural
of my future tomorrow
teach my legs to fly
in search of familiar heights
i speak in the language
of angels and kings.

Written by Titi Osu in July 2002
(c) All Rights Reserved




Photo of Titi Osu taken September 2011



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