I am a fitness expert.

Definition of Expert in English by Oxford Dictionaries:

Expert, Noun

A person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area.

“Meet Titi Osu, fitness expert”. I was on “Power Talk with Stephanie Knowles”’ yesterday August 7, and that was how I was introduced on air! Woah. Expert? Who? Me?!! I wasn’t expecting that. I swear I flinched inside. Isn’t this what some/most of us do when we are “complimented”? I composed myself quickly and responded appropriately – “nobody’s called me a fitness expert before, I love it”!

Stephanie interviews leaders in the community – business experts, authors, music artists, and leaders that are making a positive impact within the community. Her show is motivational and inspirational, designed to uplift and empower the community to live better, think better and to do better.

Now that I’ve slept and woken up…..yes I’m a fitness expert!

Before the show, a friend called me from England – “if it was quantum physics I’d be worried but this is what you know, you’ll be great”. She knew how excited I was.  Immediately after the show, another friend called from San Antonio, Texas and said how much she loved what I said. “This was so you, you were great”!

If you don’t have friends who talk to your brain, go and buy some.

I’ve been doing one form of workout or the other for….almost 20 years I guess? This is what I am SKILFUL at. This is why I get stopped in the street and asked questions about fitness. This is what makes me an expert. If you know Drake’s song “started at the bottom now we’re here”, it could not be any truer. From aerobics, step classes, circuit training, to advanced circuits, body combat, body attack, kick-boxing, boxing, British Military Fitness, Orange Theory Fitness, Camp Gladiator, Cross Fit, Body Machine Fitness, Bungee fitness, run clubs, yoga, pilates..…HIIT, metabolic conditioning. Ok Titi. Basically, if there’s a workout to try, you can bet I will.


Last week, I posted this photo of my workout and asked “how would you do this workout”? I was curious.

In summary, my approach was 10/20/30/40 of each exercise ie 10 of 100, 20 of 200 etc, what I thought was a manageable number which didn’t “kill’ me so I was able to keep going. Some of my fellow workout people who started before I did went with 25 of each but they would get tired and stop; another attempted completing one set at a time ie 100 body rows, then 200 etc. In the end, I was done before they all finished.

Yes I am fitness expert!

In the manner of experts, you create and bring something new and of value to the world. Mine is “smileFIT” – a fitness campaign – to inspire you to move your way to a fitter, healthier you, in ways you enjoy! I looooooove my workouts, I find them fun!! My smile is so big and bright when I’m engaged in a fitness pursuit. I want to help people find the fun in fitness! Whatever gets you active, can get you fit. Really! Do what you love and love what you do. Right? That way, it becomes part of your lifestyle not some “other” thing (or drudgery) that you have to “make time” for.

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing”

Dale Carnegie

Just “smile”.

smile 2

This is how I smilefit. How do you smileFIT?! Use the hashtags #smilefit when you post your photos and videos on social media – show the world you own your fitness!


I have smiled through every bit of my journey! Be a smile fitter!

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Stay tuned for news and updates on the smileFIT campaign!




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    Fitness Expert,
    Fellow Bakorian,
    Girl on Faya!



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