Keep going……it all adds up!

June is (almost) over and the sun is just getting started! Especially in Dallas, Texas where I live. Temperatures go into 100s (Fahrenheit), we’ve already had a couple of those days.

I was up at 5.30am to get my run in, avoiding the sun, marathon training in progress. I set an alarm. I’m not one of those people who have a body clock or spring out of bed happy to face the morning. I need a bit of coaxing to get going. I was determined today. June 30. The last day of my birthday month! I set about “getting ready”. The plan was 8.5 miles. I had to prepare (eat, drink, warm up the muscles). I need the endurance and suppleness as much as I just want to “get up and go”. I get asked what I do, how I do what I do….so…

Nutrition, something to eat – a few spoons of jasmine rice and tomato stew, not my usual go to but that was all I had in the fridge and could get ready in seconds. I also thought, if I have some carbs now, my body can’t give me any excuses. We talk all the time. By the way my usual breakfast is oatmeal in water (quarter cup), half an apple, walnuts and a scoop of unflavoured egg protein powder. Works wonders for me. As the long runs get longer, I’ll need to do more work on what I eat, especially being the picker eater that I am.

Hydration, something to drink – half a glass of coconut water, stocking up on electrolytes for the sweatiness to come (I drank the other half after), some sips of water, because, water, then I made a protein drink and had half of that, miles on my mind! Again, not a typical combination but I like to test combinations out to see what works. Then I know what to try again or avoid!

Warm up protocol – stretching exercise, foam rolling. I’ve been doing a lot more of these lately and have to make time for it. I need all the endurance and suppleness as much as I just want to “get up and go” or just get home and lie down.

It was 6.15am when I finally left the house. The seconds add up, how you prepare adds up to what you achieve.

I took a route that had a water fountain, roughly about 3 miles in. Another mile ahead I saw another water stop, so I stopped. As much as I just wanted to plough on, keep going, having just had some water, I know I need to stay hydrated in this heat. Every sip of water adds up.

On the home stretch, I decided to round up my planned 8.5 miles to 9 miles, I was feeling good, energised!! I always find the first 3-4miles the hardest, the last 3 the sweetest! I was listening to a podcast the whole time, “Fit chicks chat”, if you must know (lol), it was quite interesting and informative. Running and learning at the same time. It all adds up!!!

On the last mile, I switched from podcast to playlist and picked up the pace a bit. At this point, a lady, she looked 40s ish, saw me running and stopped me or rather I stopped because I could see her waving at me animatedly, trying to get my attention. She asked me if I was a regular runner, what I was training for, and then invited me to a fitness/wellness festival she was running. She said I could help motivate people and promote fitness, and she needed someone like me. I gave her my number. She then asked me if I didn’t mind her asking me my age. LOL. I said I don’t mind (LOLling again). She asked, I told her, she couldn’t whip out her phone fast enough to take a picture! She took one of me, one of both of us. We shook hands and went about our separate ways. Wow. Your actions do add up! Each mile, each smile. All the energy and positivity you put out, makes a difference, it adds up people, stay the course people!


In my blog – Jump start your June – 6 things to do in the 6th month of the year! – my number 2 tip was “Drink more water”. We all know we should, sun etc etc, but sometimes it can be hard.

There are many opinions on how much water you should drink – health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses/about 2 litres/half a gallon, the 8×8 rule it’s called. Fancy name or not, it’s a LOT of water. Another recommendation I’ve seen is that men should drink at least 104 ounces of water daily, women at least 72 ounces. Everyone is different, recommendation intake will have to consider sex, age, activity level, if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding. One cup doesn’t fit all. Forgive the pun! Basically, what they are saying is “drink water”.

Because I am very active, and prefer to run outside, I have to make a conscious effort to drink even more water than just when I’m thirsty or when I’m eating. I don’t know about you but I S-W-E-A-T when I workout, I have to put the water back in. You will ALWAYS see me with a water bottle, EVERYWHERE. I start each day with apple cider vinegar and lemon in warm water, in a 20-ounce straw lidded cup. That wakes me up!! No story behind the ounce, it was just a cute cup.

Farewell June, you’ve been great as usual. I had a great birthday party with friends, I believe in celebrating my birthday, it’s the one day of the year dedicated to me.

Mid-month I had a Spartan “sprint” obstacle course race – 3+ miles of obstacles at the AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys (American football team). The last time I did that race and my first time, was in June 2016. I didn’t know what to expect. I ran into the same girl I met there and we did the race together. Two obstacles I love, the rope climb and spear throw – the rope climb I haven’t practised in a year and didn’t get it at last year’s other Spartan race; the spear throw is a “please God” situation and has been known to over throw some of the best elites. No I didn’t get it last year either. I NAILED THEM BOTH THIS YEAR! I was so pleased!! My friend who watched my technique got her spear throw too. I was so proud! Little wins add up to big wins!

What made this race even more special was a 17 year old girl entrusted to me by one of the elite runners that I know. This girl was running the race for the first time and I guided her through it. The elite runner used to be her baby sitter. Influence and inspiration, it all adds up!!

I accepted this responsibility. The Spartan sprint had 6-8foot walls you had to get over, we crawled up and down stair cases, ran the ramps and so much more. I had so much fun! At every obstacle we’d stop and go over and over till she got it. I didn’t even realise how much my “experience” was showing. We took our time.  Years of training, it all adds up.

June spartan

I accepted my medal with pride. Another medal, they are adding up nicely.

Keep going on hitting those goals, those numbers, those miles, those smiles….it all adds up!!!



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