Diary of a travelling (glamorous) business consultant

Hey blog!

It’s been a minute! Last week made me think of you. Yes, really! When I did the usual – Monday travel to the client site and Thursday return home – I was musing how different business travel is in the US from life in the UK, for me anyway, driving vs flying for one. Remember when I’d leave home at 6am to get to Thames Valley, Reading for 9.30am so I could street park? Double the hours because of peak time. Or how I’d have to leave the Bracknell office at EXACTLY 5pm if I wanted to get to Greenwich Park, London in time to change in the car for my 7.30pm British Military Fitness (Be Military Fit) class. One rogue traffic light and I’d be toast. Gosh, 10 years ago.

OMG!!! Remember that Paris trip when I got to King Cross station to catch the Eurostar and then realised at check-in that I didn’t have my PASSPORT!! Hello, crossing international borders Titi?! Two train changes and a taxi back home…sigh. Fun times!

Seven years in the US, I’m still amazed that in the time I’d fly from Dallas to New York, I would be in another COUNTRY if travelling in Europe. We all have our stories! Here’s one of mine, you can even call it a survival guide. 

Monday was a whole mood!

 2.30am wake up and 3am taxi to the airport. I’ve officially outdone myself! Flight left Dallas 5.20am (US Central time), connecting flight (BOOO) in Chicago, final destination Toledo, Ohio (Eastern time)! I got to the client site about 11am, I think. I have no idea what time my body thought it was, this time zone thing is always trying to trip me up. Not this time sucker! I was meeting the client for the first time and “an early start” was not going to stand in the way of my progress. First impressions right blog? I can always count on my ability to dial up my energy! A lot of meet and greets, meetings, coffee, sixteen hours awake and 10k plus steps later, I was still standing!! Cue the Elton John track playing in my head. I was very impressed with myself. The selfie video captured my mood! Take that Monday! You thought I’d be exhausted but I was quite hyper (all the lols). Oh you don’t know me, I am “smilefit” for a reason! Insert smiley face emoji here.


I love waking up at 2.30am, who needs more than 3 hours of sleep? WHO? What are we living this work/life balance for?

Ha, I’m ahead of you blog, I brought some relaxing bath salts to wind me down (tip 1). I’d be a millionaire if I could bottle and sell some of my energy…. or maybe even a (gasp) BILLIONAIRE?!! But, while I’m still a business consultant, I found the nearest grocery store, got a bagged salad, some fruit and nuts for lunch the next day (tip 2). Business means business! I take my health and eating habits very seriously. Mostly because I’m a picky eater. If you’ve read When food attacks, fight back! you’ll understand me better!

#mindovermatter #dowhatmatters #firstimpressionsmatter 

I put Tuesday on notice!

 I didn’t go to bed early but I slept really well! Them bath salts did the trick, plus I never leave home without my ear plugs and eye mask. N-E-V-E-R. Some hotels need to go into the business of selling bed linen, that’s all I’m saying. I had a full day of meetings and meeting the rest of the team. There’s no hiding behind a phone or pretending you’re not multi-tasking during “facetime” (I admit to nothing blog). You’ve got to be fully present – body language, eye contact, facial expressions….I know, I know….I’m a natural! Don’t make me blush blog! I got a late meeting request….what’s a girl to do when there’s only 3 and a half days to get stuff done? You do what you have to do to get stuff done! A happy client is….well, a happy client. Am I right?


At 7.30pm and 11 hours at work, I left the office. But you know what blog? I was feeling really good, with all my wits and senses about me!! Considering. Fitbit told me I walked almost 4 miles, and I’m in HEELS! Another impressive day! I took a photo, because, evidence.

On the way to get dinner, I got two compliments – someone asked if I was a model (lookee lookee), another said my hair looked good. Ooh, thank you very much. Hair toss.

I love dresses that I don’t have to iron (tip 3). Irons don’t like me and will burn me every chance they get (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

Could the day impress me anymore? YEAH! Ok. So. I decided this week I’ll aim for 10k daily steps at the minimum, since I can’t attend my group workouts. As a back-up, I packed my running shoes and skipping/jump ropes (tip 4). 

I know my energy is a direct result of my ability to stay fit. Working long hours is impressive but it can take a toll. Healthy body, healthy mind, right blog? 10 mins of jump rope, step goal achieved. Where there is a will, there is a way people. Happy days!

#beyourowncheerleader #dressforsuccess #seethesilverlining

 Wednesday is a what?

Wednesday is the loooongest day in the world of business travel. You’ve no longer “just arrived”. You should know everyone and where everything is by now, and you’re fully settled into the business of the week. Actions have to be actioned and decisions decided on. I didn’t sleep well too well. I think my mind was racing on the many actions and decisions to be….you know the drill. I “decided” I’d leave the office early…5ish…go for a short run, shake it all off. I started feeling “heady” or maybe sleepy? I reached for a piece of full flat, gluten loaded bread, yup BREAD. Not my ideal go-to but sustenance is sustenance, I wasn’t going to beat myself up about it. Minutes later, client asked “what are your plans for dinner”? The only answer to that question is “none”.

I’ll be honest blog, the dilemma was real. I wanted to get a run in! I knew if I didn’t get some exercise that day, the next time would be Saturday. Aaaarrggghhh. I can’t survive for long on a wake-eat-work-eat-sleep cycle. I just needed 30mins! A little goes a long way. . Twenty years of exercising has trained me. We are all experts in something!


I love being appreciated! Who doesn’t?! Nothing says appreciation better than a warm skillet brownie covered in chocolate fudge topped with vanilla ice-cream, after having the healthy entrée of course. Balance.

“Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not punishment for what you ate”

I love this quote! It’s so easy to do this business travel life and set aside the business of having a life. I got my run it. Woot woot!

#smartchoices #healthiswealth #planforsuccess

 Thursday is the new Monday

 The beginning of the end of the week! This is typically “going home day” and trying to cram as much as you can in the hours before noon, before heading to the airport to begin the 5/6 hour process of home going. The hours were beginning to creep up on me. I felt beat, but not beaten!!! I just wanted people to speak to me….r e a l l y…..s l o w l y …while I try not to blink or my eyes felt like they’d stay shut. 

Blog. I couldn’t believe when I checked-in online and found that my connecting flight in Charlotte STARTS boarding 5 mins after my flight arrives. WHO DOES THAT? Who was the exuberant flight management person that thought this was a good idea? En-route to the airport, I stopped to get lunch (tip 6). I’m not the target client for airport food vendors, there’s no point complaining, and since I solve problems for a living. Ergo. Given that a sprint was in my future, it was important to have the necessary fuel.


At the airport, I asked gate staff if I could board early so I could have my carry-on up front to make it easy for me to deplane (tip 6). They did one better and checked in my case all the way to Dallas. Result! As long as flight 1 arrived on time, I trusted my lungs could leg it to my final gate….. in heels, again. Comfy shoes people, COMFY SHOES (tip 7). I was a sweaty mess when I arrived my gate with 4 mins to spare (flight was delayed a bit, phew). But I still looked fabulous darrrrling. I took a selfie.


I love connecting flights that play the game of “who wants to have high blood pressure today”.  Who doesn’t like the heart pounding experience of not knowing if they’ll make it home?

Fitbit informed me I’d done 10k steps. OKAY THURSDAY!!! Shine, Titi, shine! You have the power to make business travel as glamorous or as dreary as you want (tip 8). 

#getfitstayfit #askforwhatyouwant #positivevibesonly

What time is Friday?

 That Friday feeling!! I  must admit, I woke up bleary eyed but the show had to go on. All that built up adrenaline had worked it’s way out having done it’s job (thank you!).  Later that evening a friend offered a home cooked meal, YES PLEASE. It sang delicious lyrics to my soul. We then went to the cinema and saw “Late Night” with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling. Laughter is indeed the best medicine (tip 8). FUNNY, while also addressing some real workplace issues. I won’t spoil it for you, but I could relate. #livelaughlove 

Saturday is a set-up

10am workout = lie in! I think I’m caught up on sleep now blog! My Saturday workout is ingrained in my psyche.  Energy tank reloaded, I used part of the day to set-up for the following week, this week! I MEAL PREPPED (tip 9). I had more pasta last week than I’ve had this year so I decided to veggie up. Plus, I’m part of a transformation challenge at my fitness studio and there’s a weigh in by August 2nd! You know me and my fitness challenges. Oh you don’t? Read Can you do the challenge? I dare you! I’m pleased to report that “meatless Monday” was a veggie filled success.

#motivation #dedication #setyourselfupforsuccees

Sunday is for selfcare


Massage? Yes, thank you! Don’t mind if I do.

This was the perfect way to end my week. There were knots in my shoulders I didn’t even know were there! Hunched over a laptop for hours, sleeping sideways on a plane, over thinking and overdoing, why am I surprised? I’ll say it again, SELF CARE! (tip 10). I look after my body and it looks after me. 

#loveyourself #treatyourself  #sortyourselfout


That was a week in the life of a glamorous Organisational Change Management Consultant! Did you just bite your tongue too? Work was a success too, of course. How is/was your week?!

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  1. I can so relate! What I do love is how you juggle everything but still make time for your body, mind and soul 🙌🏽🙌🏽


    1. Thank you Shalom! It required some discipline but a little bit here and there, I focused on what was achievable…..and made sweet lemonade from lemons! 😊😊


  2. I will admit Titi, reading this reminded me of my road warrior days. I learned very early on…avoid the heels at all costs! I’m surprised you nor I have sustained any injuries running through airports! Don’t you just love coming back to your room after a gruelingly long day to a freshly made bed though? Good for you on keeping up with eating healthy and getting in a workout! I was never consistent with that, so I’m making up for it now. Keep it going girl! You’re doing it right!


    1. Thanks Trisha!!! You know the drilll!!!! Yes. The best part of the trip is the freshly made bed and constantly clean room, lol! The mileage can take its toll so I try to reinvent, my workouts are what keeps me sane! Keep it going too 😘


  3. Awesome blog post!! You probably hear this a lot but you have an INCREDIBLE gift for writing. So funny and relatable (and glamorous, always glamorous). ❤️ I’m pumped to practice some of these same exercises to keep my energy levels and mood up during a crazy work week! #motivation


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